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I am Magdolna Bedey, functional trainer and SFG kettlebell instructor, rower. Since childhood, sport has been an important part of my life; I started to row at the age of 14. I promote indoor rowing and teach a sustainable, healthy, and correct rowing technique, complemented by functional exercises along with mobilization and stretching. My goal as a coach is to teach natural and healthy movement patterns using the most efficient full-body exercises. I teach the important principles of moving efficiently, taking into account the individual characteristics and condition of the participants.



During my classes we focus on the mindful presence, and concentrate on the intricate details of the movement. I am not afraid to question general practices including my own methods, and always opt for what has proven to be useful, sustainable, and livable forms of movement. As a coach I strive for continuous learning and development.


Qualifications, specializations:
Functional trainer
Fitness group instructor
Preventive Spine Health trainer
Level 1 Ground Force Method Instructor
Mummy Tummy Training Instructor
Level 1 StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor 

Contact: +36 70 606 48 18

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