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What makes a workout complete?

  • Functional Core exercises: for strength and stability.
  • Rowing: Maintenance of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, development of movement coordination.
  • Stretching-mobilization: maintaining the mobility and health of the joints.

With the addition of functional basic exercises, the development of strain muscles, mobilization and stretching and rolling, we receive a complex, preventive and effective workout that we can rely on in everyday life and in any Sports.

“It’s just as strong as your tribe!” It keeps Pavel Tsatsouline’s (today’s most popular kettlebells master) the establishment. This is particularly true in rowing sports, where the core muscles are subject to significant stabilizing work.

Why the rowing?

  • Because it is an excellent joint cardio training.
  • Total body displacement, cyclic movement. 86% of your muscles are involved in the work!
  • Because many muscles are connected to the motion, they have a significant effect on the hormone composition of the blood, which makes it a good sense of mind.
  • It effectively improves the maximum oxygen absorption of the body (aerobic capacity).
  • Due to the complexity of movement, aerobic, as well as the anaerobic power supply processes are activated.
  • Regardless of fitness level, anyone can start.
Source: Sports Med. 1993 Jan; 15 (1): 24-42. Physiological and biomechanical aspects of rowing. Implications for training. Secher NH1.

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