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What makes the URS workout complete?

  • Functional exercises for strength and stability
  • Rowing for maintenance of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system, development of movement and coordination
  • Stretching and mobilization for maintaining and developing the mobility and health of the joints

Combining functional and core exercises, mobilization, stretching, and rowing, we get a complex, preventive, and efficient workout we can profit from in our everyday life and in any sports.

“Tensing your abs will amplify the intensity of the contraction of any muscle in your body. (Pavel Tsatsouline) This is particularly true for rowing, where the core muscles are subject to significant stabilizing work.

Why rowing?

  • It is a safe way to get the joints moving and improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Total body workout, cyclic movement. At least 86% of your muscles are involved in the work!
  • Rowing enhances positive blood hormone changes which directly effects your mood and general feeling
  • It effectively improves the maximum rate of oxygen consumption (aerobic capacity).
  • Due to the complexity of the movement, the aerobic and the anaerobic power supply systems are also activated
  • Anyone can start to row regardless of fitness level
Source: Sports Med. 1993 Jan; 15 (1): 24-42. Physiological and biomechanical aspects of rowing. Implications for training. Secher NH1.

Lifelong activity for a long, fulfilled life.